Keith Schneider

Keith’s roots in Crocker, MO, were firmly planted in a Christian home where the influence of faith and music intertwined. With a father serving as an Elder and a mother … [Read more…]

Tim Louderback

With a musical journey spanning over half his life, Tim’s connection to gospel music began at the tender age of 16 while singing in high school. Surprisingly, he kicked off … [Read more…]

Zach Bourgault

From his early boyhood, Zach’s affinity for Southern Gospel Quartets was unmistakable. Raised on the harmonies of The Kingsmen, Gold City, and others, he harbored a clear vision of his … [Read more…]

Jon Harden

Jon’s journey into Southern Gospel music commenced in his youth, sparked by his family’s regular attendance at the annual Albert E. Brumley Sundown to Sunup Gospel Sing at Parson’s Rodeo … [Read more…]