Tim Louderback

With a musical journey spanning over half his life, Tim’s connection to gospel music began at the tender age of 16 while singing in high school. Surprisingly, he kicked off his singing career as a bass (much to Zach’s disbelief), later transitioning between bass and lead before discovering his true calling as a baritone.

Tim’s fervor for sharing the unwavering truths of the gospel through song is evident. His ultimate goal is to utilize his talents to bring people closer to Christ. Currently serving as the worship leader at Carthage First Baptist Church in Carthage, MO, Tim is committed to guiding the congregation in heartfelt worship.

In 2011, Tim tied the knot with his wife, Carrie, and together they’ve embraced the joys of parenthood, raising two children of their own. Recently, their family expanded through the loving act of adoption, welcoming their third child into the fold.